COVID 19 changes…of course in Brisbane Fitness Empire Style

  1. Class bookings are essential
  2. You must always have a towel. If you “forget” yours, one will be provided for you, at the discounted price of $12. Normally $12 lol.
  3. Sanitize your hands in your car or wash your hands before entering the gym & after your session. Some hand sanitizers smell very potent, which is why we are asking you to please use it in your car, not the gym.
  4. Please keep 1.5m or 2 squares/floor mats between each other, when waiting for class to start.
  5. Stay home if you feel unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell, being tested for or has tested positive for Covid 19.
  6. Please advise us if you have previously tested positive for Covid 19.
  7. Please dispose of tissues in the green bin out the front and wash your hands afterwards.
  8. Should you feel the need to expel any bodily fluids, for example cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow.
  9. Please do not enter the kitchen, even to fill up your water bottle. You may have to downsize your water bottle.

We will be implementing the Simpsons social distancing rule. If we can punch or kick you, you are too close. We will regularly be testing this method.

At the end of the day peeps, it’s very simple. We all need to behave like civilized human beings (as you always should, regardless of this virus) and don’t be a grub. The wild birds eat grubs, do not make me feed you to them haha!

Thanks heaps everyone for your support, you have been AMAZING and we survived this!! YAY

Borrowing our gear

  • At the end of the night all borrowed gear must be placed in a pile for cleaning by BFE
  • You may borrow our gloves 1 time ONLY and you MUST wear inners
  • If you don’t have inners, that’s ok, we sell them for $6
  • You may borrow our gear 3 times before having to purchase your own
  • We do sell all the gear you need to train in our classes, at a very good price.
  • Our prices are cheaper than most places as we have always preferred you to have your own gear.
  • If you have your own gear you must take it home after each session and clean it